7 Ways to Make Money From Home Typing

Desk with laptop, coffee, book, pen, and flowers for working from home
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Work at Home Typing Jobs

If you’re a fast and accurate typist looking to work from home, but don’t want the stress of having to talk to customers all day, then a typing job could be the right option for you. You won’t have to talk to customers over the phone with a home-based typing job, which is definitely less stressful. You should, however, be able to meet any deadlines, depending on the type of job it is.


Can I Get Paid to Type Online?

The answer to this question is absolutely. And, I’ve posted several ways below.

However, you need to be cautious of online scams. There are scammy websites out there like EasyTypingJob dot com and EasyTypingJob dot net that are scams.

I’ve also found some companies that post data entry jobs on Career Builder, stating you can make over 75K per year. No matter the company name, they are all affiliated with and direct you to one website offering surveys. You absolutely will NOT make that much money taking surveys! 

What Does a Typist Do?

Typing is a crucial skill in the office. Typists use their keyboarding skills to type correspondence, emails, reports, and other company documents quickly and accurately.

A typist must have excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation and must also have the ability to meet deadlines.


Responsibilities of a Typist

The exact responsibilities of a typing job will vary according to the specific job. Some jobs require transcribing documents from dictated audio tapes or videos, while others require typing information into spreadsheets or databases.

And then there are those that require typing in social media platforms, emails or live chat software.


Equipment Needed for an Online Typing Job

The exact equipment you will need is going to depend on the type of typing job you are interested in working.

All of these positions will require you to have a computer and high-speed internet service.

Some of them, like transcription jobs, will require you to have transcription software, headphones, and a foot pedal.

The website should list any equipment requirements the company may have.


How Much Can I Earn From an Online Typing Job?

The answer to this question depends. According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay for a chat agent is $13 per hour, but some companies listed here pay more than that.

And the average salary for a transcriptionist is $15 per hour. However, to make that much doing transcription, you will need to have several years of experience.

Then, there is the average salary of a social media moderator, which is $21 per hour.

So, as you can see, the pay will depend on the specific job. 

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Desk with laptop, coffee, book, pen, and flowers for working from home

Types of Online Typing Jobs

There are seven ways to work from home, earning money by typing. The jobs listed here include both W2 employee positions and 1099 independent contractor jobs.

1) Chat Support  

Chat support is a popular way of providing customer service. Instead of helping customers over the phone, chat support agents offer assistance to customers through live chats and email. 

Chat support allows customers to receive the help they need in a timely fashion without calling a customer service representative. There are many companies that hire chat support agents to work from home assisting their customers.

Automattic is a San Francisco-based technology company. They hire happiness engineers for customer service and technical support roles to assist their customers with their products such as WordPress. Their services are available 24/7, so they need employees who can work remotely. 

eSkillz offers outsourced customer service to companies and brands. They hire people who can provide live chat and help customers solve problems. eSkillz is open to hiring anyone in any country or city.

Iubenda is a company that helps websites create privacy policies. They hire customer service representatives to respond to customers through live chat and email. Their offices are located in Europe, but they hire remotely if you’re a native English speaker.

KellyConnect is a staffing solutions company that hires remote chat technical support advisors to help customers troubleshoot technical issues with their electronic devices. You must be tech-savvy to work there, but you will earn good money helping people with their computers, tablets, and smartphones through live chat.

OutPLEX offers outsourced call center services. It occasionally hires work from home agents to support customers through live chat. Agents must type 30 to 50 words per minute with no errors and excellent grammar and spelling. 

2) Captioning 

Captioning makes audio and audiovisual material accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. 

Captioning is the conversion of audio into text and is typically done for television, films, and webinars. It is now a requirement for videos, movies, and other audio forms of entertainment. Captioning displays dialogue and speaker identification, sound effects, music notes, and visual images that appear on the screen.

CaptioningStar is a captioning company headquartered in Queens, NY. They hire experienced freelance captioners to work at home.

Rev provides closed captioning and subtitling services to businesses and corporations. Based in San Francisco and Austin, the company was founded in 2010. They hire beginners for closed captioning work, but it pays less than the other companies.

Speechpad provides captioning and transcription services to large, well-known companies worldwide. They hire captioners with previous transcription experience.

North America’s largest closed captioning company, VITAC, provides captions for live events, offline media, Spanish-language captions, Spanish dubbing, subtitling, audio description, and encoding. Vitac hires work-at-home captioners who have experience delivering accurate real-time captioning. 

3) Data Entry

A data entry operator is a person who enters and updates data into a computer system. The data they enter is typically alpha and numerical.

A data entry operator’s responsibilities can include collecting and entering customer data in databases or spreadsheets and accurately maintaining records of valuable company information. 

Just be aware that data entry jobs are scarce, and very few companies hire anyone for this position.

1-800-Flowers.com Inc., is a floral and food retailer with a focus on gift baskets. This company occasionally hires remote data entry associates to enter and edit orders.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most significant websites for micro-jobs. It’s a great place to find micro data entry jobs. It’s also the hub for some of the most interesting, diverse projects you can take on with your computer.

Cohere Health provides healthcare services. They occasionally hire remote data entry specialists. 

Freelancer.com is an Australian freelance marketplace. It allows employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete. Freelancer is a great option for beginners looking for clients who need data entry work performed. 

Sigtrack hires freelancers to enter voter information into a voter registration database. 

4) Social Media Moderator

Social media moderators are the internet’s content police. They’re responsible for keeping rules, restrictions, and legal issues in check. They’re also in charge of monitoring comments and feedback from social media followers.

They can also assist customers with questions that are posted on a company’s social media platform regarding products or services. And, sometimes, they are also responsible for creating and posting new content.

$99 Social, headquartered in Arizona, has been in business since 2012. They are a provider of social media management services. They hire social media virtual assistants to work from home managing the social media accounts of small and mid-sized businesses.

LiveWorld is a social media experience company that has been in business for ten years. LiveWorld hires employees who work from home, monitoring the brand’s social media channels, and responding to customers’ questions or concerns.

ModSquad is a California-based social media company that has been around since 2007. They hire independent contractors to moderate the social media accounts of their clients.

5) Transcription

Transcription is similar to captioning. Transcribers take audio and video and turn them into text. They listen to audio and then type it out in a long-form document. However, this isn’t for putting on television or movies; it’s for business, legal, and medical documents. 

Transcribers must have a good ear for language and attention to detail because they must type everything they heard exactly as it was said in the audio or video. They must be able to pick out important information from the recording and put it into the document. Then they must check their work to make sure it is perfect.

Types of things that are usually transcribed include medical recordings, company meetings, job interviews, etc.

There are three types of transcription – general, legal, and medical. Only general is posted here because the other two require special education and certifications.

AccuTran Global, in business since 2002, provides transcription services worldwide. This company is a good choice for anyone just getting started in transcription because you don’t need any prior transcription experience. You do, however, need to pass an assessment to be considered for this job.

Babbletype is an online transcription that hires transcribers to work from home.   

GoTranscript is a general transcription service that hires part-time freelancers. It was founded in the UK, but has expanded to the US and Canada. They have no pre-requesites for transcription work, but do require you to pass a test.

The Quicktate transcription service is open to anyone and is a great way for new freelancers to get started. 

TigerFish is an online transcription company that has been around since 1989. They hire remote independent contractors. They don’t require prior experience, but you must pass an assessment before they will consider hiring you.

6) Translation

Translation is the act of converting text from one language to another. Simply put, translation is the process of converting documents from one language to another. Many businesses will use translators to translate things like court documents, police reports, depositions, or corporate meetings.

The demand for translated content is higher than ever before. Many freelance translators work on a project-by-project basis, but many others are employed by international organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit and religious organizations.

Appen, founded in 1996, is a global leader that hires freelance translators with no previous experience to work from home. 

Gengo, located in Mountain View, California, has been in business since 2008. They hire self-employed translators to work from their home. Their platform is active 24-7, so you can work when it’s convenient for you. 

Smartling is an NYC-based translation company that hires freelance translators to work from home.  

Unbable is a Portuguese translation company that has been in business since 2013. They allow translators to work from anywhere and at any time of day or night.

USA Translations is a company that specializes in worldwide translation and interpreting services. Freelancers work from home for this company, so you must email your resume to associates@usatranslations.com and let them know you are interested in a translator position. 

7) Writing

Freelance writing is a popular remote job because it offers a lot of flexibility.

Freelance writing is any type of writing assignment you do for money, outside of being employed by a company. Freelance writers can write for blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, newsletters – you name it! There are tons of different kinds of freelance writing jobs out there, and all types of people can do them. You don’t need a degree and or years of experience.

HirWriters is an English language platform for freelance writers. You can sign up for free.

Iwriter.com is a site that specializes in helping writers move up in their careers. To start, you have to prove your English skills by writing short reviews of products. Later on, you can move on to different types of writing, such as translations, revisions, and a lot more. 

Listverse was founded in 2009 and educates readers with lists on a variety of topics. You can sign up and get paid $100 for a one or two-paragraph article containing an original list on any topic.

Textbroker, in business since 2005, is a content services company with over 80,000 clients worldwide. Freelance writers can sign up for free and choose writing assignments.

WriterAccess is a subscription-based content provider. Freelance writers looking for writing gigs can sign up for free.

Are There More Ways I Can Earn Money by Typing Online?

Yes, there are. You can find more chat jobs by going here, more social media jobs here, more transcription jobs here, and more translation jobs here

Final Thoughts

Online typing is a great way to make money, and most of these jobs are incredibly flexible. 

Many of these companies don’t require much time or effort to complete tasks. It is easy to see why this would be great for someone looking for a regular job or just a little extra money to spend. 

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