50 Work at Home Jobs That Aren’t MLM

Desk with keyboard, notebook, and flowers
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Non-MLM Work at Home Jobs 


Are you searching for a work-at-home job that doesn’t involve joining a multi-level marketing company? Then you’ve landed in the right place.

Luckily, the days of MLM being the only way to work from home are long gone. Not to mention, who really wants to lose family and friends over trying to make a buck?

There are literally THOUSANDS of work-at-home jobs that exist today. And it’s not because of COVID-19. Hundreds of companies have been hiring employees to work at home long before the pandemic ever started.

Many companies have taken advantage of technology and used it as a way to save money by letting their employees or at least some of their employees work from home.

No matter what your educational or skill level is, you should be able to find a remote job suited for you.

To work at home and perform these jobs, you’ll need to have a quiet home office or private work area, a computer, high-speed internet service, and in some cases, a telephone. All companies that hire employees to work from home will state what their technical requirements are.

The jobs listed here are both employee (W-2) and independent contractor (1099) jobs, and many allow you to choose your own schedule. 

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Desk with keyboard, notebook, and flowers

Where to Find Genuine Work From Home Jobs that Aren’t MLM


Chat and Email Support

Many companies hire chat and email support representatives to work at home assisting customers. 

Chat and email support representatives are usually customer service or technical support representatives, but instead of helping customers over the telephone, they assist them through live chat, email, or live forums.

The main responsibilities of chat and email support representatives are to assist customers with questions about the company’s products or services. 

Chat and email support reps often help customers with tasks such as online shopping orders, assist customers with their banking needs, or troubleshoot technical support issues and assist the customer in fixing those issues.

To perform this job, you’ll need to have excellent typing skills. Most companies will require you to handle 3 to 4 chats at the same time.

The pay for these positions can vary from $9 to $16 per hour, depending on the company and the technicality of the job.

Companies that hire chat and email support representatives to work at home.

Customer Service

Customer service jobs are a growing opportunity for those looking for a remote job because many companies now allow their customer service employees to work at home.

Almost every company needs customer service representatives to assist their customers with questions and concerns about products and services, and many companies hire remote customer service representatives.

Some companies will require previous experience working from home, while others will only require prior customer service experience. Since almost everyone has worked with the public in some way or another, most people have customer service experience.

The companies below pay anywhere from $10 to $19 per hour, and they all hire customer service representatives to work at home.

A few places to find work at home customer service jobs.

ESL Teaching and Tutoring

What is ESL? ESL stands for English as a second language. ESL teachers and tutors help to teach English to students whose native language is not English. Students can be located in the United States or in other countries around the world. 

Many companies are now hiring online ESL teachers to teach English to students of all ages worldwide, online via webcam.

The educational requirements will depend on the company and whether they hire actual teachers or tutors. Those hiring teachers will require a bachelor’s degree, along with a language teaching certificate such as a TESL, TEFL, or TESOL.

Those hiring tutors don’t require a bachelor’s degree, but they still require a language teaching certificate. 

A college degree isn’t required to obtain a language teaching certificate.

The companies below hire ESL teachers and tutors to work at home and pay anywhere from $10 to $26 per hour. 

Technical Support

Technical support representatives help customers troubleshoot and fix specific issues or problems they may have with a company’s products or services.

The products and services can range from computers, tablets, and cell phones, to software or even website subscription services such as Netflix or Roku.

It helps to be tech-savvy and comfortable with new technology to be a technical support representative. You should also have excellent customer service skills.

Numerous companies hire technical support representatives to work from home these days, and the pay can vary from $10 to $22 per hour, depending on the company and complexity of the position.

These companies hire technical support representatives to work at home.


Telemarketing can involve various duties, including selling goods or services over the phone, contacting potential customers to schedule appointments for outside sales representatives, or lead generation.

It can also involve fundraising activities like contacting individuals to ask them if they would be interested in donating to a charity or cause.

Some companies require previous sales experience and prior experience with businesses-to-business lead generation and appointment setting. 

These companies hire remote telemarketers.

Academic Tutoring

Online tutoring has become especially popular over the last several years. Both children and adult students in need of help with particular subjects can now sign up online for tutoring lessons and never have to leave their homes.

Some of the skills tutors should possess include organizational skills, excellent listening skills, patience, and enthusiasm.

You’ll also need to have an excellent understanding of the subject matter that you’ll be tutoring.

The pay for online tutoring can vary according to the subject matter.

You can find at-home academic tutoring jobs with these companies.

Social Media Moderator

Social media moderators help businesses respond to and manage their projects on their social media accounts. 

Some of the duties can include activities such as answering customer questions regarding products and services, deleting spam comments made by posters, or writing and adding content relevant to a company’s business.

To perform this job, you should have excellent communication and writing skills and solid knowledge of different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The pay for a social media moderator will depend on the company and your experience level, but the companies listed here typically pay between $10 and $17 per hour.

Some of the companies that hire social media moderators to work at home.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants offer services, usually clerical or technical in nature, to entrepreneurs, business owners, or executives for a fee. All work provided by a virtual assistant is done remotely from home.

Virtual assistants can perform various administrative and personal tasks such as booking travel arrangements, rental car reservations, hotel stays, managing email correspondence, taking messages, and scheduling meetings.

A few of the essential skills needed for a virtual assistant job include excellent telephone etiquette, multi-tasking skills, communication skills, and the ability to type.

Virtual assistants working for the companies below can typically make between $10 and $20 per hour, depending on the position’s responsibilities.

These companies hire remote virtual assistants.

Looking for More Non-MLM Work at Home Jobs?

If you’re looking for more work-at-home jobs that aren’t multi-level marketing, then check out my companies section. This is a review of companies that hire employees to work at home.


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