33 Work at Home Companies That Send Equipment

Desk with laptop, makeup, book, glasses, candles, and coffee
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These Work at Home Companies Will Send Equipment


Have you been wanting to work from home? Are you hesitant because you don’t have a computer? Then worry no more.

Just because you don’t have a computer doesn’t mean you still can’t work from home. There are companies out there that will supply their employees with the equipment needed to do their jobs.

In fact, more and more companies are starting to either supply equipment or provide a home office or workspace allowance.


What You Will Need

Even if the company provides a computer, you still need to have a quiet home office space and high-speed internet service.

You should carefully read each company’s technical requirements since they can differ from one company to another. These are usually posted within the job posting. 

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Desk with laptop, coffee, makeup, books, and candles

Work at Home Companies That Send Equipment


AAA or American Automobile Association is a subscription-based motor club that provides services for its paying members. This company hires employees to work from home for various positions such as Retail Service Specialist. They will send a headset, computer, and any other necessary equipment to you after you’ve been hired.

Acceleration Partners is a global marketing firm for brands. This company is completely remote. They supply employees with all office equipment and technology needed for their jobs.

Allstate Corporation is an insurance company that’s been in business since 1931 and based in Northfield Township, Illinois. This company hires employees for a collection of remote jobs, including Customer Insurance Representative. They supply all equipment needed for your job.

Amazon is a well-known technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. This company actually hires employees for several remote positions, including Seasonal Customer Representative. They hire for these positions several times a year. They provide you with equipment.

American Express, also known as AmEx, is a financial services and credit card company. Two popular work from home positions AmEx hires for are Customer Care Professional and Virtual Travel Counselor. After you’re hired, they send equipment.

Anthem is a large health insurance provider founded in 2004 and based in Indianapolis, Indiana. This company hires employees to work from home in a collection of different positions. A few of the jobs they hire for include Employee Service Representative, Investigator, and Claims Auditor. They furnish equipment to remote employees.

Basecamp was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Chicago. This company allows its employees to live and work anywhere they choose, worldwide, so the majority of their positions are remote. Along with paying 100% for any hardware and software you need to do your job, they’ll also pay for a standing desk if you want one.

BroadPath Healthcare Solutions specializes in services for the healthcare industry. Some of the work-from-home positions they hire for include Claims Processor, Medical Review RN, Healthcare Insurance Claims Auditor, Call Center Analyst, Customer Service Representative, and Provider Credentialing Analyst. They send all equipment to you.

Capital One, headquartered in Virginia, offers banking, credit card, and financial products. They hire employees to work from home in a collection of different positions, including Customer Service Representative. For this position, they require that you live within 100 miles of the hiring location. They furnish all equipment.

Cigna is a large, worldwide insurance company. They specialize in medical, major medical, dental, life, disability, and accident insurance. This company hires employees to work at home in many different roles, including nursing and customer service. They provide all of the equipment for work.

Concentrix was founded in 1983 and specializes in outsourced customer service, technical support, and sales for businesses. Some of their clients will supply you with a computer. 

Conduent is headquartered in New Jersey and was founded in 2017. This company also specializes in outsourced customer service and technical support services, and some of its clients provide a computer.

DigitalOcean has been in business since 2011 and is headquartered in New York, New York. This company is a cloud storage developer and hires remote employees for a collection of positions. They provide all remote employees with their choice of preferred equipment no matter if it’s a PC or a Mac, and they also provide up to $100 for a set of headphones.

Esurance is a virtual insurance company and is owned by parent insurance giant Allstate. They hire Customer Service Representatives to work from home. They provide a computer for working purposes.

Feeld is a dating app that was founded in 2014. The company is fully remote and hires employees around the world. They supply home office equipment.

Gimkit is an educational app that uses quizzes as a learning game. They’ve been in business since 2017. This company hires employees to work from home for a collection of positions. According to their website, they supply a $350 monthly budget for your home office improvement or co-working space.

Hilton is a chain of hotels and resorts. They hire Reservation Sales and Customer Service Representatives to work from home, helping customers make reservations. They supply equipment which includes a PC, keyboard, mouse, and headset.

HGS is headquartered in India and has been in business since 2000. This call center hires Customer Service Representatives to work at home. They require candidates to be tech-savvy. This company also provides a computer for work.

Humana is a well-known health insurance provider headquartered in Kentucky. They hire employees to work at home in a collection of positions, including Call Center Representative and Customer Service Representative. They supply a laptop.

Kelly Services is a large, well-known staffing agency. They hire Technical Support Representatives to work from home, in both telephone and chat positions, to assist customers who are having issues with their devices. They supply a computer work. The starting pay is $13 to $15 per hour.

Kopa is an online marketplace for renters to find furnished housing and roommates, and where tenants can post their properties. They hire employees to work from home in a collection of positions, and employees can work from anywhere in the world. According to their website, they furnish employees with new equipment to work with.

Manulife Financial is a Canadian-based life insurance company. They hire Customer Service Representatives to work from home to assist their customers, and they provide the equipment you’ll need for work.

On The Go Systems develops and builds plugins for WordPress. All of their employees work remotely from any location they choose. They supply any equipment needed to do your job along with a new laptop. 

PNC offers banking services and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They hire Customer Service and Support Representatives to work from home and provide equipment for work.

Progressive is headquartered in Ohio and was founded in 1937. They specialize in automobile insurance. This company hires Customer Service Representatives, Sales Representatives, and Claims Representatives to work from home. They supply you with equipment for work.

This company specializes in claims management services and is headquartered in Tennessee. They hire Service Center Representatives and Email Customer Support Representatives to work at home. They provide equipment to remote employees.

The Hartford is a life insurance company that is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut. They offer a variety of different jobs working from home, and they supply equipment for work.

Transcom is a call center services company that is headquartered in Sweden and has 50 call centers around the world. They hire Customer Service Representatives and Technical Support Agents to work from home and also supply a laptop and a headset for work.

TriWest manages health benefits for veterans. They’ve been in business since 1996 and are headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They hire Patient Services Representatives to work at home, assisting veterans with questions regarding their coverage. They supply all the equipment.

Unum is an insurance company that hires Customer Service Representatives to work from home. They send equipment for work.

Wellthy specializes in online healthcare services. They hire Virtual Care Coordinators and Virtual Care Associates to work from home. They supply a Mac laptop for work.

West Marine is a fishing and boating retailer in North America. This company hires Customer Service Representatives to work at home, assisting customers. They supply a laptop, keyboard, and mouse. You’ll need to have a second monitor and wired, high-speed internet.

This company specializes in outsourced technical support for the blogging platform WordPress. They hire Technical Support Representatives to work from home, assisting WordPress users with issues they are having. According to their website, they furnish any technology you need to do your job, along with headphones and a standing desk.


Are Employers Providing Equipment to Work From Home?

Employers save money by letting staff work from home. They don’t have to pay for extra rent and office workspaces. Therefore it makes sense to ensure that staff working from home are provided with everything they need to do their job. But, unfortunately, not all companies provide their remote employees with equipment, although more are beginning to.

Also, there are no laws on a federal level requiring employers to provide remote workers with the necessities to do their jobs. However, like California, some states have passed laws requiring companies to reimburse telecommuting employees for work-related expenses.

Do You Have to Return Company Equipment?

The answer to this question is a simple yes! The equipment that is provided to you for work is not yours to keep. If you leave your job, the company will want everything sent back to them, in good condition, so make sure to take care of it.

Do Companies Send You Money to Buy Equipment?

No! A company will not send you money, especially a check to buy equipment. 

Avoid any so-called “job” that promises to send you a check to buy your equipment. These scammers use the names of reputable companies to make it sound more believable.

They’ll mail you a fake check and tell you to keep part of the money for equipment and to send the rest back to them.

By the time you deposit the check and send part of the money back to them, your bank has discovered the check is no good, and you’re on the hook for the entire amount.

A legitimate company that supplies equipment will never send you a check and tell you to send some of the money back to them.

And remember, the only way to get a legitimate work-from-home job that supplies equipment is to apply directly through the company’s website.

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  1. Hi, I’m 60, and have had work as caregiver for Health Care Agencies for over 25 years.
    What kind of studies can I add to my resume that might qualify me to work from home in the healthcare field?

    1. Hi Guillermina,
      If you already have healthcare experience, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a job as a healthcare customer service rep. BroadPath Healthcare Solutions hires regularly.

  2. Hello,
    I am very interested in working from home however until now everything legitimate that I have found requires computer equipment I do not have nor can afford to purchase, also I have attempted to seek positions with the few companies that do provide equipment but none have any openings in the area in which I reside. My question is would I have to just search the individual companies for availability in my state or city? Also individual search is the only option to be informed of the requirements needed? I ask these questions because this is a very very time consuming process that to no avail has not been successful for me thus far.

    1. Hi Hillarie,
      Yes, you will have to search each individual company. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other way to search. You don’t need to search your state. If the company doesn’t offer a “remote” or “virtual” button to choose, you’ll just need to enter keywords in the search area such as “remote”, “virtual”, or “work from home”, without the parentheses. If no state restrictions are listed in the body of the job posting, then go ahead and apply. If a company has state restrictions, they will typically list them in the body of the job posting.

    1. Hi Teresa,

      Several of the companies listed here don’t require any previous experience beyond customer service. If you’ve ever worked with the public, then you have customer service experience. I suggest you apply for any customer service job.

    1. Hi Louise,
      You’ll need to go to the companies’ websites and apply for open jobs. If you click on the company name, it will take you directly to their career site.

    2. Angela’s ENTIRE article was a giant arrow pointing to 33 of those jobs!
      I highly recommend that you first brush up on the very important skill of paying attention to the details” to add to your repertoire before applying to any of them.

  3. I’m 63 and looking for work from home evenings and weekends. Can you point me in the right direction. I have 25 years experience in rentals residential and commercial accounts receivable collections and evictions. Thanks Shirley

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