125 Work at Home Phone Jobs

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Telephone Jobs From Home


If you are new to working from home and unsure where to start, this post could be for you. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of work-at-home telephone jobs, and many do not require any previous experience. Also, some of these can be worked in tandem, depending on how much money you are looking to make.

What Kind of Work at Home Phone Jobs are There?

The work-at-home telephone jobs listed here include call monitors, customer service, fundraising, political outreach, language interpreting, telephone mystery shopping, reservation, and travel agents, technical support, telemarking, telephone interviewers, telephone psychics, and virtual receptionists.

Even though this covers an assortment of different jobs, the majority of remote telephone jobs are customer service.

What Kind of Education and Experience Do I Need for a Work at Home Phone Job?

Most of the jobs listed here will only require a high school diploma or a GED.

As far as previous experience, most don’t require any previous work-at-home experience but require customer service experience, usually about one year. And, some of these jobs don’t require any kind of experience at all.

A few jobs listed here offer higher pay, and some of those will require a bachelor’s degree and more experience.

Equipment Needed for Work at Home Phone Jobs

Because these jobs require being on the telephone, most of them will require you to have a quiet home office.

You will also need to have a computer, high-speed internet service, and in some cases, a noise-canceling headset.

The jobs listed below are a mix of W2 employee positions and 1099 independent contractor jobs.  

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Where to Find Work at Home Phone Jobs


Call Monitor 

Call monitors are usually hired by companies or call centers to monitor and evaluate the calls of their customer service representatives.  

Call monitors listen to recorded calls between customers and customer service representatives and rate how well the customer service representative assisted the customer.

Sometimes call monitors will make outbound calls to call centers pretending to be a real customer and then give feedback to the CSR at the end of the call.

These companies hire Call Monitors to work at home rating calls.

Customer Service  

Many companies hire customer service representatives to work at home. 

This is probably the single most popular work-at-home job there is.

Most companies that hire customer service representatives don’t require any previous experience other than prior customer service experience, and some don’t even require that. As long as you have ever had a job working with the public, you will more than likely qualify to work for most of these companies.


Fundraiser and Political Outreach Organizers   

Remote telephone fundraisers work from home, making outbound telephone calls to potential pledges. Fundraising is usually for non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, or political causes.

Political outreach organizers contact people to make them aware of political issues and candidates and sometimes ask for donations.

These positions typically require a high school diploma or a GED and require working evenings and weekends.

Telephone Interpreting   

Telephone interpreters assist customers by being the liaison between the customer and a company. Customers who don’t speak English can easily get help in speaking to a customer service representative through a telephone interpreter.

To become a telephone interpreter, you must have a high school diploma or a GED and be proficient in English and at least one other language, both in writing and verbally.

Some companies will require you to take and pass an assessment to be considered for a position.

Telephone Mystery Shopper   

Mystery shoppers conduct surveys for brands and businesses, either by in-person visits, online through the business’s website, or by telephone.

To be a mystery shopper, you should be good at remembering details. You should also have excellent writing skills and grammar.

Mystery shop companies generally pay per shop, not by the hour. So these are a great way to make some extra cash.

These companies hire mystery shoppers to make telephone shops and can be done from home without going to any brink and mortar location.

Reservation and Travel Agents   

Reservation and travel agents help potential vacationers book hotels, airline flights, and rental cars. 

The experience needed will depend on the company, although some travel agent positions will require a college degree or specialized training.

Technical Support  

Technical support agents or representatives help customers troubleshoot and fix specific issues or problems they may have with a company’s products or services.

To be considered for a technical support position, you should be somewhat tech-savvy and be able to talk customers through technical issues in a way they can easily understand.


Telemarketing or telesales includes selling goods or services over the phone, contacting potential customers to schedule appointments for outside sales representatives, or lead generation.

You don’t necessarily need to have any previous sales experience. However, some companies will require previous experience.

Telephone Interviewers  

Companies hire telephone interviewers for an assortment of different reasons. Some interviewers call customers to get their opinions on products and services.

Other telephone interviewers are hired by companies that have lost customers. The interviewers call the customers to find out why they are dissatisfied with a company and how to make it better in an effort to regain their business.

Telephone Psychic  

If you have psychic abilities or like to dabble in the psychic realm, these companies hire psychics to work at home and give readings over the telephone. Readings can include things such as astrology, channeling, tarot, palmistry, numerology, and more. 

Virtual Receptionists 

If you’ve ever been into an attorney’s office or doctor’s office, you’ve seen the receptionist answering telephone calls and assisting clients coming into the office.

A virtual receptionist is no different except they aren’t located in the actual business; they perform their job virtually, from a different location.

Most companies that hire virtual receptionists to work from home only require some previous customer service experience.

A few of these only hire in limited states, but the jobs are still work-at-home.


Can You Work For a Call Center From Home?

Can you work from home for a call center? The answer is absolutely! In fact, many call centers are moving their customer service departments away from the office and offering remote work because it’s more cost-effective.

If you’re interested in working from home as a call center agent, you can go here to see a list of call centers that hire people to work from home.


Final Thoughts on Work at Home Phone Jobs

Even though this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the work-at-home phone jobs that exist, it will at least give you an idea of what is out there.

Be sure to check out the explore jobs section of this blog to view more jobs like this.

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